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Lansons’ Online Highlights

The Lansons Online team have scoured the internet to collate the best news and views from the past two weeks. Get insight into what’s happening online and keep an eye on our blog and social media for more of these updates! 


1. Google DeepMind explained: What is it and how is it tackling AI and health?


“Healthcare is about to get a lot smarter. The same Google company that taught a computer how to master the ancient game of Go has just created a new division completely dedicated to solving healthcare issues, and it’s kicking things off in the UK with at least one mobile app. We’ve detailed everything you need to know…” Read more


2.Twitter launching redesigned embedded timeline on March 3


“Twitter is getting ready to roll out an update to embedded timelines, following up on the announcement the company made during its Flight developer conference in October. On March 3, Twitter will roll out a refreshed, modern design for the timeline display that will allow timelines to blend better into a publisher’s site but still be fully responsive.” Read more


3. Here’s The Deal With Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Button


“’Liking’ something on Facebook is about to be a bit passé. The company on Wednesday introduced sweeping changes to its social network that will let you react to content with a variety of emotions. The update is called “Reactions,” appropriately enough, and it’s been in the works for months. Sure, you can still “like” links, photos and status updates, but you’ll also be able to select more specific emoji-based reactions to communicate “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” or “Angry.” A “Yay” reaction was previously tested but apparently axed for the final version.” Read more


4. Messi’s biggest fan: How one photo went viral


“Two weeks ago the Internet was hit by another viral sensation – ‘Messi’s biggest fan’. We tracked the story spread online and turned it into a beautiful data visualisation. An image of a boy wearing a Argentina football shirt made from a plastic bag, was posted to Twitter. In turn this sparked a worldwide search to locate and identify the boy in the photo.” Read more

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