Lansons Conversations

Oklahoma City University meets Lansons

Lansons recently provided six media students from Oklahoma City University (OCU) with valuable insights into the UK PR industry and media landscape. So what did OCU student Justis Huddleston (@JustisHudd) think about his experience at Lansons?

Lansons’ website, power point slides, business cards and just about everything else in sight read “Advice Ideas Results,” but it could just as easily be replaced with a single word: “Passion.” It truly seems that passion is what drives Lansons.

As we walked into their stylish central London office I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be reminiscent of the agencies popularized by Mad Men complete with out-of-touch middle-aged men trying to tell us what we want? Or would they simply be annoyed that a media class from Oklahoma City University was taking away time from their already overly busy day? Neither of these theories, of course, could have been further from reality.

We were greeted by welcoming smiles and led to a conference room where Lansons’ Lucy Banks and Eva Blesinger awaited us (along with some sweet goodies that we were all too nervous to eat until they absolutely insisted). I was immediately blown away by how nice they were– and not just polite nice, but truly and genuinely nice and eager to explain who and what Lansons was really about.

I could immediately tell, not only by their smiles, but by their general demeanor, that these were people who truly enjoy their jobs, to the extent that they may consider it less of a job, less of a career, and perhaps as more of a lifestyle.

As Lucy began to explain Lansons’ credentials as well as its history I began to understand more and more about how Lansons works. The sheer number of their clients in the financial services sector impressed me, but not nearly as much as their dedication to being at the forefront of the sector, not only through engagement with these companies but also through the education of their employees. In particular, as a political science junkie, I was impressed by Lansons’ inclusion of public and regulatory affairs as an area of expertise, including not only political PR, but also lobbying and political intelligence in general.

After receiving an overview of the company from Lucy, we were all delighted to see a campaign in action in the form of MoneySuperMarket’s smashingly funny #EpicStrut ad. Once again, passion was at the forefront of the presentation, with Lansons’ Emma Bunning being visibly ecstatic to talk about what she was able to do for MoneySuperMarket through broadcast PR. Seeing Lansons’ ability to connect with and influence broadcast media via programs such as ITV’s This Morning and even the iconic Sun was truly inspirational.

But then, of course, all good things must come to an end, right? As I prepared myself to endure the strategies of a particular “challenger” bank, I thought that there was absolutely no way that anyone could be passionate about a financial services conference, or let alone a bank in general. Wrong. Michael White’s passion for his client and the strategies that Lansons implemented to help their client, eradicated all of my preconceived notions of banking. And the statistics. Wow, the statistics. Michael described in gloriously geeky detail how Lansons uses a slew of marketing and social media programs and services in order to identify ideal target audiences, commentators and influencers for their clients’ messages.

As our visit came to a conclusion, I couldn’t help but be giddy with what we had all just witnessed. It is possible to love your job and your client. It is possible to have fun with financial institutions and businesses. It is possible to work with over 100 incredible other people who are just as passionate as you are, and it is Lansons that makes it all possible.


Lansons offers one week of work experience to university students. Read about University of Southampton student Helen’s experience with us here. If you are interested in undertaking work experience at Lansons please email