Lansons Conversations

Job hunting

02 October 2009 BY Sophie Lilley
No, not me - but a lot of my former journalism colleagues. The craft is gone they say. Their wordsmith skills morphed into generic computer operator. First the booze went, then the lunches, and now even the pubs (at a rate of 52 a week I read...
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Help! I need somebody

25 September 2009 BY Ralph Jackson
I think it says something about modern communication when a venerable institution set up in 1825 invokes a famous song from the 1960s to raise awareness now among consumers to use the services of solicitors.  But it begs the question: given our...
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The incoming tide

25 September 2009 BY Sophie Lilley
Journalists and PRs often have an interesting relationship. Essentially we are both sides of the same coin. I say “we” because after 10 years as a broadcast journalist and two running a broadcast and online pr department I can claim a foot in...
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The view from Bournemouth

24 September 2009 BY Sophie Lilley
This is the second consecutive year the Liberal Democrats have decamped to Bournemouth, and judged against last year it is impossible not to find this year’s conference a little muted. 2008 was not a vintage conference nor did it pass without...
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