New Government Strategy Workshop

We help you assess the opportunities and risks facing businesses from the new Government, as well as outlining the most effective way of engaging with it.

In winning his victory on 12 December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson decisively ended the UK’s Brexit paralysis – and any prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led Government. With the Labour Party still reeling from its defeat, Boris Johnson is unquestionably now the most powerful Conservative Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher, benefiting from a large majority in Parliament; an unassailable position in the Conservative Party, with the freedom to mould his Government and its agenda as he sees fit; and an opposition in disarray – and likely to remain so for some time.

This is a Government which has arguably much more populist and interventionist instincts than we have seen in administrations of the recent past – something we saw recently from the swift response to the potential demise of Flybe.

The workshop will be run by our team of experts:

  • James Dowling, Ex-Special Adviser to David Gauke, Board Director & Head of Public Affairs.
  • Mitchell Cohen, former CCHQ staffer.
  • Tony Langham, Chief Executive & Co-Founder.

To book a workshop: