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New Brexit report from Opinium, LSE & Lansons – coverage highlights





It is a huge pleasure to collaborate once again with our friends at Opinium and the London School of Economics. This is a remarkable thorough report, offering a far deeper analysis of the electorate than anything we have seen before. Lansons specialises in helping our clients navigate key reputational and public policy risks. 

The referendum on the UK’s membership is key to the business of our clients. We are therefore very happy to support this study


Our new report provides the clearest understanding of how British consumers are responding to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. It looks in depth at consumer reaction to the key campaign messages and how this affects their perception of the possible implications for our economy, society and diplomatic relations if we left the EU. Most importantly it examines how these perceptions will affect consumer behaviour in light of a possible Brexit vote on the 23rd June and what the expected costs of this might be in the short and long-term.


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Following the release of the new report on Thursday 9th June 2016, from Opinium, Lansons and the London School of Economics – The Impact of Brexit on Consumer Behaviour – you can view coverage highlights below.

The full report can be downloaded here