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Lansons is excited to be launching its first book – Why We Do What We Do – authored by Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace.

Why We Do What We Do is for busy professionals who want to better themselves and those they work with. And, the insights shared are equally relevant in our personal lives too.   

Some ‘why’ questions that the book looks to answer include:

  • Why do we all need to manage stress?
  • Why are we all biased?
  • Why are we emotional rather than rational?
  • Why do we not remember accurately?
  • Why can’t we multi-task?
  • Why don’t we see the truth?
  • Why do we need to reignite our creativity?
  • Why do most change efforts fail?
  • Why do leaders need to keep learning?
  • Why do we need to improve our lifestyle and daily habits?

The intention is for the book to strike a balance between knowledge and application. By combining scientific research with concrete examples and illustrative stories, it is designed to be visual, practical and easy to read.

Each chapter is written as a standalone guide to a particular brain area and contains references to specific studies so that readers can dip in and out. The end of every chapter includes five tips for improving brainpower and additional references are provided for those who would like to explore the topic in more depth.

You may now be asking: Why is Lansons involved and what’s their connection with Helena?

My path crossed with Helena just 18 months ago through a mutual client of ours – Givaudan, the global leaders in fragrances and flavours.

At the time, we were both at a meeting for the top 100 scientists across the world – and while our involvement was different, we soon learnt it was very complementary.

Helena was delivering a training session on the brain and creative thinking, helping scientists practice different cognitive skills. 

Not only was Helena’s session highly informative and stimulating, but hugely entertaining and fun which served to enhance the learning experience even more. 

So, at once, I recognised the enormous value Helena could bring to the work we do at Lansons – by applying neuroscience to communications from the language we use to how we better engage people in change.

Since then, Helena and I have worked together with some of our clients where we have enjoyed combining our areas of expertise.

And, when Helena told me she was writing a visual and practical book on how the brain works as a complement to her lectures and presentations, I immediately leapt at the chance for Lansons to get involved.   

Some of my and Helena’s most valued clients supported the book’s publication, which involved reading the manuscript ahead of print and providing their opinions.

But, this book is really just the start of our relationship.

Because we believe in the enormous value of bringing together the latest developments in brain science with communication techniques, Lansons is excited about designing new initiatives with Helena over the coming months.

These future initiatives will be in four areas of: Change, Leadership, Strategy and Culture, and they will be ready to share in the Autumn. Watch this space for more information!

Highlights from neurocomms Why we do what we do book

Finally, because this book is about having healthy brains throughout our lives – whether at home or at work – Lansons and Helena have decided that for every book we sell, 10% will be donated to two mental health charities – Mind and St Giles Trust.

About the Author

Helena Boschi is a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the work place.  Her particular areas of interest include the brain and behaviour, our emotional and rational neural networks and how to improve our cognitive abilities in order to get the best out of our own and others’ brainpower.

Helena has held senior talent management and organisation development positions within international companies and now works across a range of industries worldwide. Her work with her clients involves designing new and creative learning initiatives, particularly in the areas of leadership and team development, intercultural communication and organisational change.

With a deep commitment to ongoing research in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, Helena possesses keen insight into best and evolving practices in learning, communication and leadership.  A member of the British Psychological Society, she brings a scientific edge to the work she delivers, delivered in a way that is easy to understand and apply. 

About Suzanne Ellis

Suzanne Ellis is a Director at Lansons specialising in Change and Engagement. She brings over two decades of communications experience representing brands such as eBay, Starwood Hotel Group, Givaudan, Bentley, Faberge, Simplyhealth and Thomson Reuters.

She advises businesses every day on how to communicate to their audiences, externally and internally, so that they think and act differently: changing perceptions; managing sensitivities around re-organisations, redundancy programmes or post-merger integrations; building leadership or brand reputations and; increasing engagement behind business strategies so they get delivered.

Whatever the communications and engagement challenges, Suzanne creatively finds solutions that support specific business goals and brand values.