Purpose & Narrative

Telling the right story, at the right time and in the right way, is crucial to building ongoing engagement with those who will help determine your organisation’s success. This means proactively ensuring you’re on the front foot with your narrative as you grow and transform.

Our narrative services include:

  • Purpose development
  • Strategy and transformation narratives
  • Corporate and brand narratives
  • Leadership narratives
  • Messaging workshops

Executive teams draw on us in a range of ways to deliver these services. You can parachute us in to provide responsive short-term messaging support and workshops. If you’re reviewing your purpose or re-defining your brand or corporate narrative, we can deliver a structured programme through which you’ll benefit from our industry knowledge, rigorous research and analysis, sensitive facilitation, and expertise in the craft of storytelling. Our programmes often extend to building internal engagement, because an effective narrative doesn’t live on a page – it’s a dynamic force which grows through hearts and minds and changes behaviours.