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My Lansons work experience: Imany

Every year Lansons runs a summer work experience programme when we welcome two students a week to join us here in our offices. This programme provides students with an opportunity to enhance their skills, gain an insight into the industry and experience communications as a potential career choice. Students are introduced to Lansons through our links with social mobility partners who help people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, staff referrals and client contacts.

Read about Imany’s experience at Lansons in her own words here:

I have never considered or even been exposed to the wonderful world of PR until beginning my placement here at Lansons. As an A Level student, I have the struggle of deciding my entire future but not a clue what to do after university. However, my time at Lansons has reminded me that no matter the degree, there is a pathway which allows me to help others and work on some truly fantastic projects.

Prior to completing my work experience, I definitely thought I was going to be in a corner, making tea and coffee but my time at Lansons has been nothing like this. I have been thrown into working on really interesting projects such as investigating life insurance in the Isle of Man, researching relationships between parents and children and analysing the social media accounts of a corporate finance team.

During my week at Lansons, I have done coverage scans over a variety of financial publications, learned how to use applications such as Roxhill and Factiva to efficiently find out about journalists and new articles concerning clients, I have contributed towards the creation of a briefing note and discovered the steps involved in the sharing of a press release. In addition to this, I have observed countless meetings and client calls which has only intrigued me more into the field of PR.

Lansons work experience

All of this has been done under the guidance of the amazing Matthew Birtles, a fantastic Junior Executive, my buddy for the week, who is so friendly, funny and caring. He has done an excellent job of making sure I always had something interesting to do as well as a cup of tea to drink.

Another massive factor which has shaped my time at Lansons has been that everyone is genuinely so friendly and interested in everyone that they work with. The fact that promotions and personal achievements of colleagues are celebrated by everyone with a victory trolley is something I didn’t know happened at a work place. There is always someone to check up on you and make sure you’re getting on well which I have massively appreciated this week.

In addition to this, I have greatly benefited from the mentoring sessions where you learn about the different aspects of PR in order to gain a broader understanding of the career. This has particularly brought my attention to international PR which I would love to get into, should I pursue a career in PR.

A key thing I have taken from this experience is that financial PR is not just maths, the sheer variety of positions and things to achieve at Lansons allow you to work on projects that connect you to the worlds of journalism, mass media and generally helping everyday people because it embraces an assortment of skills and teachings such as History, Drama, Languages, Marketing etc which I think is so rewarding.

While I have truly enjoyed my time at Lansons, I intend to continue in education by studying a modern languages degree at university, however I will definitely be considering a career in PR and I hope to return to Lansons very soon.