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My Lansons work experience: Chloe

Every year Lansons runs a summer work experience programme when we welcome two students a week to join us here in our offices. This programme provides students with an opportunity to enhance their skills, gain insight into the industry and experience communications as a potential career choice. Students are introduced to Lansons through our links with social mobility partners who help people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, staff referrals and client contacts.

Read about Chloe’s experience at Lansons in her own words here:

This week I have been buddied up with Sophie, a Junior Executive, to help her complete different tasks throughout the day as well as meet with other Lansons employees who have helped give me a real insight into the working life here at Lansons. I have genuinely enjoyed every day here and now have a true understanding of PR.

Overall this week I have learnt about the significance of PR to different companies and the government and how much they rely on the advice and guidance of PR companies like Lansons. This week has also shown me all the different ways PR links to journalism and the media, which I did not realise before.

Lansons skills from work experience

My Monday started with making a cuttings booklet for clients which was very helpful in understanding the kind of work Junior Executives do for their clients. During the week I was responsible for creating a briefing document and then harnessing those journalist research skills to develop press lists. I undertook a competitor analysis research project and helped the wider junior executive team by creating an excel instructions document. As well as this, I gathered some regulatory new hooks research for a client planning calendar. All the projects that I have been involved in have shown me the importance of a Junior Executives role to the client and the kind of work they do daily. These tasks also required doing research on Lansons’ clients which was interesting to see the use of PR in a financial aspect. I also made some exciting calls to MPs offices which revealed the public affairs side of PR.

During the week I also met people working on Lansons’ different teams such as the marketing, international, campaigns and consumer team. This was so helpful in seeing the branches of PR and other potential careers that Lansons offers.

I have enjoyed every aspect of this week but significantly I have loved the working environment here at Lansons. Everyone is so welcoming and kind, from offering tea every 10 minutes to giving me valuable advice for my future, it has been a friendly and warm working environment which bought me ease on the first day as I was quite nervous! I have also enjoyed actually working in an office in London as it has been eye-opening and a valuable experience as I have never done anything like this before.

Overall, this week has helped me to see that PR is a career for me and something that I would love to go further into once I have finished school. I am grateful for this experience as I have learnt so much and it has helped me develop valuable skills that I will definitely use again and will hopefully be back at Lansons again soon!