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My Lansons Experience

Making my decision

I joined Lansons in January 2018, after facing tough decisions of where my future lay as a young professional in the competitive London landscape. As many can attest, it is difficult to decide on your next step when you are looking to build on your CV with impressive company names while trying to invest in your personal and professional growth.

The deciding factor that spurred me to pick Lansons a few months ago, and continues to impress me to this day, is that there is a true interest and investment in their people. While every company extols the virtues of their ‘collegiate environment’, when I met the team at Lansons they demonstrated their ethos in practice.

The Deciding Factor

There is a true focus on personal and professional development that is stitched into the company’s DNA. From the decision to assign a career manager to every employee, who helps steer and provide insight about both the company and the industry to the raft of training schemes that are provided at every level.

In the previous agency roles that I have held, there was an unspoken rule that you were trained for the job that you did – whether that was pure media relations, content creation or even heavy loads of admin. In an industry that has relatively high personnel turnover across the board, this type of investment can seem the most practical. However, Lansons instead takes care to draw on staff members’ and external expert’s specialisms and gets them to share these with the rest of the team, so that everyone can move into new exciting areas of the industry and discover new areas that they may excel in. So rather than being a dead-end cog in a machine, you are continuously expanding and gaining new skills and interests.

Beyond enhancing skills, there is a carefully nurtured social environment in the team. A genuinely open atmosphere has been created where everyone is approachable, and people’s broad and varying interests are celebrated. This was demonstrated during my interview process which touched on literature, travel and politics, so far beyond the simple rehashing of past experience and skills.

PRWeek Best Places to Work awards

My experience so far has been exceptional and so it is no surprise that Lansons has been awarded the Bronze category for PRWeek’s Best Places to Work awards 2018 , including becoming the first agency ever to receive the ‘Rewards Award’, which focuses on rewarding employees through more than monetary value. I have experienced this first hand when I received a promotion and everyone gathered outside our office to celebrate with drinks and food. I was approached and congratulated by all levels of the Lansons structure, which goes to show that in an environment where employees care about each other, and the company’s culture reflects this community culture, you will be successful.


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