Lansons Conversations

Money Marketing celebrates 30th anniversary

To toast Money Marketing’s 30th anniversary we invited some key figures from the financial services industry to celebrate at the Langham in London.

This event gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on thirty years of tumultuous change in the industry and to look ahead to what the world might look like in another thirty year’s time!

The video below features the following guests responding to two questions; What do you think has been the most defining moment in financial services in the last thirty years” and “What do you predict will happen in financial services in the next thirty years?”.

-Steve Webb, Director of Policy and External Communications at Royal London
-Adrian Boulding, Policy Strategy Director at TISA, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas, Director of Policy at NOW: Pensions and Chairman of Pension Quality Mark
-Karen Barrett, Chief Executive at
-Mick McAteer, Non-executive FCA Board Member
-Malcom Kerr, former Executive Director at Ernst & Young
-Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons
-Kim North, Managing Director at Technology & Technical
-Dennis Hall, Managing Director at Yellowtail Financial Planning
-Natalie Holt, Editor at Money Marketing


This event originally featured on the Money Marketing website.