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Megan Murray Jones on how to create engaging paid-for content

Need some help creating paid-for content? Lansons Associate Director Megan Murray Jones shares a list of questions with PR Moment that will ensure your language adapts to the media owner’s without losing your own voice and that content appeals to both your costumer base and new audiences you will be reaching.

“How can you collaborate with the media owner? The best paid-for work feels like it is part of the channel itself. How can you work with the media to create something that you know they want but also looks like a partnership rather than just a paid-for space on a page?

Will viewers share the content? If the answer is yes then you know the media owner will be interested as it will mean additional promotion and new audiences being driven to the site. How can you make the content shareable? Make it topical, relatable, valuable and remarkable.”

The full list of questions can be found here