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May 4 Election Briefing-Lansons

Welcome to our Special Edition Newsletter- May 4th Election Briefing

In this newsletter we discuss what happened in the election as we saw the results coming through with insights from our public affairs team. We start off with our new head of public affairs and board director, Michael Stott, discussing how the build up and expectation before an election can impact the results as well as separately looking how local elections can be used as a front for more national issues. This is accompanied account manager Mitchell Cohen debating the difference in national and local messaging during elections and what this means moving forward for a general election. The newsletter will also touch upon how Labour’s confidence in the capital has been perceived and received in the lead up to and during the election and results, and of course, we also review the highest trending twitter tag #dogsatpollingstations and other social media trends during the voting.

Here is a little snapshot From Michael Stott’s article ‘Managing Expectation Management‘…

“In a country where the public generally don’t like a show off, it’s striking how often political parties allow hubris to get the better of them. The Conservatives did it during the General Election last year, where an initial massive poll lead led in the end to a loss of seats.  And while all results are not yet in, at this year’s local elections Labour appear not to have learned the lesson.”

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