Lansons Conversations

London Tech Week & The Global Imperative

Thursday 19th June

For anyone who took part, it’s clear that London’s first Technology Week was a massive success. Over 200 events dotted the city — from Croyden to TechCity to Canary Wharf — and the industry was buzzing. It was also quite an exhausting line up. Perhaps, next year, London Tech Week (LTW) should be London Tech 2Weeks.

Schedule aside, the dominant narrative of #LTW continued to hail London as Europe’s technology hub. Yet, a new element of this discourse celebrated the global diversity inherent in the UK’s technology sector. Tech City News’ International Hall of Fame Awards, hosted by Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable MP, recognised some of the most influential members of the London tech community, who have journeyed from Australia, Canada, South Africa, Estonia, Chile and more.

Here in Farringdon, Lansons hosted our own LTW event with a global theme. The event — which was organised by 321 Market, a go-to-market accelerator for Latin American technology companies — welcomed the winners of the UK Trade & Investment Commission (UKTI)’s LondonTech2.0 Global Entrepreneurs Competition from Mexico. The competition is part of UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP).

The 6 winning tech startups from Mexico that came to Lansons were:

Aventones a carpool culture enabler throughout Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia
Bluemessaging– an intuitive Artificial Intelligence platform for web, Facebook, Twitter, CMS, chat and email
BrandMe– a crowdmarketing platform that connects brands, SMEs and agencies with influencers
LastRoom– a startup providing low cost travel technology solutions for companies and business travelers
Wavestack– a cloud-based service for music production and collaboration
ZaveApp- a digital piggy bank app that allows people to save money on the go by rounding up their bills to the nearest peso, dollar or pound and banking the change

Besides sharing their colourful and promising startup stories, the winners heard from a group of local business experts on how to do business in the UK. Companies such as PwC, Coffey Graham and SJ & Partners spoke on tax incentive structures for technology startups, offered legal advice on setting up an LLP and provided HR council on best hiring practices.

Russ Shaw of Tech London Advocates (TLA) also stopped by to introduce TLA to the winners. Lansons spoke on the value of PR for start ups entering the UK market, which, despite its welcoming character, can be a crowded terrain for entrepreneurs to break through.

All in all — a great week for global tech here in London.

Radha Ahlstrom-Vij, Associate Director