Report: Life through COVID-19

Chapter: Financial Security

“I think it’s great that customers are being more demanding of their financial product providers. They want them to do the right things – run their businesses in the right way. It’s a trend that is here to stay and rightly so.”

Jeff Prestridge
Personal Finance Editor, The Mail on Sunday

Chapter: Spending

“If a brand demonstrates that they look after their employees, their customer service is likely to be exemplary as well. One follows the other, and we are placing more emphasis on supporting brands that demonstrate they genuinely care about us as customers, about their staff, and about their role in society.”

– Lynn Beattie
Mrs MummyPenny

Chapter: Working Life

“In future, the office return will be a place for deliberate ‘social‘ connections to get camaraderie or to collide on topics, with homeworking reserved for focused work.”

Matt Bolton-Alarcón
Trainer and Facilitator in Creativity and Innovation, Founder Special Sauce

Chapter: Climate Crisis

“People are more concerned about the environment – heightened by the pandemic. They want – and expect – Government and businesses to take the steps necessary to ensure our recovery has a green focus and enable them to make decisions that are better for the environment too.”

Claire Southeard
Marketing Communications specialist and Director, Lansons


Chapter: Climate Crisis

“Climate risk is a major destabilizing force in terms of global financial markets. It remains one of the defining issues facing asset managers and others in the financial sector…”

Jane Stevensen 
Sustainability Strategy and Practice Advisor, JS Global Advisory


Chapter: Working Life

Empathy is what the world needs right now; and it’s empathetic employers who will survive and win loyalty.”

Suzanne Ellis
Head of Communications for Change & Transformation, Lansons





Research New Normal_Working Life_Empathetic Leadership

‘Life through COVID-19’ is a series of consumer research-led reports that explore how changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis will impact our lives, behaviours and values in the long-term.

Authored by a team of specialist consultants within Lansons in partnership with the skilled analysts at Opinium Research, and featuring commentary from respected third party experts in each field, our reports look at many different aspects of UK life and society to provide valuable and comprehensive insights for business leaders on the ways organisations need to adapt their marketing communications, employee management, engagement programmes, and recovery strategies in light of the pandemic.

Latest chapter: ‘How the crisis has changed perspectives on our finances’ is now available for download.

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Report Chapters

Financial Security

Report: Financial security perspectives through COVID-19


As anxiety levels increase over financial uncertainty and the economic recession begins to take hold over the nation, we unveil five key takeaways for how UK adults feel about their financial security.

Download Chapter: Financial Security

In collaboration with Opinium Research we surveyed 2,000 UK adults, in two waves – May and August 2020. The report seeks to understand the mood of the nation, disparities amongst generations, where investment priorities lie and what is the hope for the future.

Five key findings:

1. Consumers remain cautiously optimistic about their finances
2. Financial stability is more favourable than rapid growth for investors
3. Consumers look to shore up their financial futures
4. A reputation restored for the banking sector?
5. Re-imagining a ‘good’ return

This report offers financial brands invaluable insight as to what matters most to the UK public, and what positive steps can be taken in supporting consumers in managing their finances throughout the pandemic and thereafter. Purpose and reputation are highlighted and should be a top priority for businesses.

Consumer Spending

Chapter: Consumer spending perspectives through COVID-19


The COVID crisis has had a profound effect on the way we shop and spend and is likely to have changed the way we do these things forever

Download Chapter: Consumer Spending

In collaboration with Opinium Research we surveyed 1,222 consumers on how their spending habits have changed because of the pandemic. We look at the declining reliance on debt and how UK consumers are taking greater control of their money.

This report offers brands and retailers invaluable customer insight to help them adapt to these new consumer behaviours. Building loyalty with existing customers and attracting new ones as we enter into an economic recession will be key to their survival. Five key findings:

1. A nation of more informed spenders
2. Utilitarian spend is on the rise
3. Building a connection now is key
4. Consumer spend turns local
5. Hidden behaviours matter too

Climate Crisis

Chapter: Climate Crisis perspectives through COVID-19


UK adults believe our recovery from the economic recession must put the environment first, to avoid lurching from one crisis to another

Download Chapter: Climate Crisis

This report looks at how the pandemic prompted a change in public attitudes and behaviours that led to sustainable and environmental benefits. For instance, our reduction in movement – travelling less by air and on roads – has led to the biggest carbon reduction ever recorded.

As a result, COVID-19 has brought the issue of climate change further into view for adult consumers across the UK, and heightened demand for businesses and governments to act to ensure a green recovery.


Is this a turnkey moment in the climate story?


Our report seeks to provide brand and business leaders with valuable insights and recommendations on action and communication around climate change issues, in light of public views on the subject.  Key findings include:

1. Pandemic highlights generational divide in the fight against climate change
2. Crisis-weary consumers demand a sustainable, green financial sector
3. Britain’s ‘shame’ as the virus exposes the damage we do to the planet
4. People want businesses to play a bigger role in tackling climate change
5. Economic survival cannot be ‘at expense’ of the planet


Working Life

Chapter: Working Life perspectives through COVID-19


How the crisis changed our working lives and what to do next.


Download Chapter: Working Life

While there’s a plan to get Britain working again, it won’t quite be ‘business as usual’ for some time yet. And, there’s many things about the day job that will change forever. We unveil five quick takeaways from the consumer survey, consisting of 1,093 workers across public and private sectors, office workers and front-line employees:

1. A nation more connected than ever
2. Homeworkers reset their own rhythms
3. Empathetic employers win loyalty
4. Handling job losses with care
5. Flexing for changing times

Also: this chapter was the focus of a recent podcast episode in our Reputation Management series.
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