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  1. Report: Life through COVID-19

Report: Life through COVID-19

‘Life through COVID-19’ is a series of consumer research-led reports that explore how changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis will impact our lives, behaviours and values in the long-term.

Authored by a team of specialist consultants within Lansons in partnership with the skilled analysts at Opinium Research, and featuring commentary from respected third party experts in each field, our reports look at many different aspects of UK life and society to provide valuable and comprehensive insights for business leaders on the ways organisations need to adapt their marketing communications, employee management, engagement programmes, and recovery strategies in light of the pandemic.

Chapter: Financial Security

“I think it’s great that customers are being more demanding of their financial product providers. They want them to do the right things – run their businesses in the right way. It’s a trend that is here to stay and rightly so."

– Jeff Prestridge Personal Finance Editor, The Mail on Sunday
Life Through COVID by Lansons Opinium Chapter Financial Security
Chapter: Climate Crisis

“People are more concerned about the environment – heightened by the pandemic. They want – and expect - Government and businesses to take the steps necessary to ensure our recovery has a green focus and enable them to make decisions that are better for the environment too.”

– Claire Southeard Marketing Communications specialist and Director, Lansons
Life After COVID by Lansons Opinium Environment 01 1240x800px 768x495
Chapter: Working Life

"In future, the office return will be a place for deliberate 'social' connections to get camaraderie or to collide on topics, with homeworking reserved for focused work."

– Matt Bolton-Alarcón Trainer and Facilitator in Creativity and Innovation, Founder Special Sauce
Life Through COVID by Lansons Opinium Chapter Working Life 1240x800p
Chapter: Climate Crisis

“Climate risk is a major destabilizing force in terms of global financial markets. It remains one of the defining issues facing asset managers and others in the financial sector…”

– Jane Stevensen Sustainability Strategy and Practice Advisor, JS Global Advisory
Report Life Through COVID 19 Climate Crisis 02 Lansons 768x495
Chapter: Working Life

"Empathy is what the world needs right now; and it's empathetic employers who will survive and win loyalty."

– Suzanne Ellis Head of Communications for Change & Transformation, Lansons
Report Life Through COVID 19 Working Life 02 Lansons 768x495

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Latest chapter:

How the crisis has changed perspectives on our finances is now available to download.

As anxiety levels increase over financial uncertainty and the economic recession begins to take hold over the nation, we unveil five key takeaways for how UK adults feel about their financial security.

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