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Launching the Lansons Health Innovation Survey

If you are interested in healthcare innovation then you will be interested in what consumers think about using new health technology.  On 18 September, Lansons Health will be sharing the findings of our Health Innovation Survey at  the Connected Health Conference in London, which will explore what 2000 UK consumers think about and want from healthcare innovation.  Run as a three part survey, the initial results have revealed a few surprises already- generally consumers still reach for Google before any known trusted healthcare site for their healthcare information and very few are worried about their health data getting into the wrong hands.

There are a limited number of free tickets available on a first come first served basis which you can register for by clicking here and using the code CHLANSONS50.

IBM Watson, Deloitte Heath Solutions, Simmons & Simmons, Hewlett Packard and BUPA will be there as will Imperial College, Manchester and Leeds and from the academic innovation side.  A number of start-up innovators and investors will be there, including Doctorpreneurs and Silicon Valley Bank for example.  Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO from Healthcare Denmark will be there to present Denmark’s experience to promote healthcare solutions and innovations working with both public and private partners.

Lansons Health is a new health start-up geared to help healthcare client develop opportunities in a rapidly changing environment by working with our external health innovation community and tapping into Lansons‘ award-winning expertise in strategic consultancy, organisational change and reputation management in the corporate sector, and their extensive network of contacts in media, politics and investment. 

Through our expertise in Lansons Health we can help in the following areas, for example:

  • Market and internal team preparation for new corporate ventures, technologies and drugs, with strategies based on best practice that will deliver excellence in organisational change, communication and reputation
  • Investor and professional stakeholder management for new biotech ventures and technology starts, with experience to communicate messages within a complex customer ecosystem to achieve corporate objectives
  • Insight-driven consumer,  patient and professional engagement projects with experience in using a human and patient centred approach in designing projects and campaigns to change behaviour
  • Corporate innovation and intraprenership development, with tools and techniques to audit, benchmark and develop the creativity in organisations and teams to fuel their innovation and growth

To give you further background, here is a link to our latest newsletter on “the imperative for innovation in health”. You can subscribe to the quarterly newsletters by providing your name and email address on the final page, or by signing up on the Lansons homepage.

We hope to see you at the Connected Health event, and please do not hesitate to drop us a line meanwhile if we can be of any help to you and your organisation with strategies to grow and innovate in healthcare.