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As Parliament winds down for summer recess the machinery of Government continues to churn. Ministers and MPs may return to their constituencies but the civil servants will remain in Whitehall and policy will continue to be made. It is therefore important that companies continue to monitor the political environment over this period and, in particular, consider the opportunities below. This period is also an opportune time for businesses to reflect on their policy priorities. With less than two years to go until the next general election there is the right balance of time left to influence the agendas of both the current and the future Government and use this as part of your integrated stakeholder and communication strategy. Government Consultation – Corporate Responsibility The UK Government is publishing a framework for action on corporate responsibility by the end of this year. There is opportunity to help shape this as the consultation process is open and will not close until September. This would also be a good time to start planning a review of your CSR strategy in preparation of the framework launch as this looks set to become a key focus area. In particular, Government will be looking to businesses to adopt internationally recognised principles, sector-specific initiatives and displaying a greater amount of transparency. Party Conferences – September 2013 This year’s party conferences are strategically important as they are the penultimate conferences before the 2015 election. The main Parties are now starting to prepare the issues that will form their election manifestos, and Labour, in particular, will be revealing its Policy Commission reports. Find out why you should attend and how Lansons can help, here. See below for further details, or alternatively, you can email us direct to find out more.

Corporate Social Responsibility Consultation

As you know, CSR is typically understood as the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions on society and the environment above and beyond its legal obligations, through transparent and ethical behaviour. The Government sees responsible business as being central to their priority of achieving economic growth across the UK as well as building a fairer society and therefore this has now become a key focus area. This includes business practices for micro, SME and large corporates and also responsible supply chain management. Does your strategy meet internationally recognised benchmarks and principles? Companies will be encouraged to adopt internationally recognised principles when determining their corporate responsibility policies which may impact your existing CSR strategy. The key ambition is for UK-based companies to be recognised internationally as best-in-class and therefore international principles will be a driving force for change in this area. Is your company a sector leader? In addition to this, sector-specific initiatives have been highlighted as a new area of development to be included in the framework – which provides some companies with a very timely opportunity to stand out from the crowd in their sector, as well as the role big businesses play with the mentoring of smaller businesses. Is your company strategy transparent, innovative and ambitious? The Government are seeking much greater transparency on corporate responsibility from reporting to the accessibility of information as well as a consistent level of metrics to be used alongside displaying both innovative and ambitious CSR plans. How Lansons can help At Lansons we are well known for assisting companies with the auditing and development of strategies in line with the government agenda and managing complete stakeholder plans with all the key policy makers, key opinion leaders and journalists to inform and integrate a robust strategy. The Government are now talking with a range of stakeholders and have issued a consultation on Corporate Responsibility due for completion in September 2013. If you are not yet involved and would like to have your say and help inform the framework then we are able to support you with this. Not only can we help you with the consultation and government engagement, we can also help you in auditing, reviewing, identifying and communicating your CSR approach and strategy across stakeholders.

Party Conferences

Every year Lansons has a presence at party conferences where we hold our annual invitation only reception and also assist our clients with bespoke programmes. As you know, the party conference season offers many opportunities to raise the profile of specific campaigns as well as understand the priorities for each party going forward. If you would like to discuss how we could support you either with intelligence monitoring and insight reporting or a tailored attendance programme, please do let us know. Lansons would identify your conference interests and propose a recommended programme of activity bespoke to your business and support you at each venue in executing your strategy. The dates of the party conferences are:  
Dates Party Venue
14th – 18th  September Liberal Democrats Glasgow
22nd – 25th September Labour Brighton
29th September – 2nd October Conservative Manchester
How we help
  • Provide a daily monitoring report
  • Identify and design your programme of relevant fringe events, speeches and conference debates to attend
  • Host a pre-conference briefing session and a post-conference political intelligence briefing
  • Design and manage a full stakeholder engagement programme
  • Host the Lansons Financial Services Reception, where you will have the opportunity to meet key industry stakeholders and hear a keynote address on Financial Services from the Shadow Finance Secretary and others
  • Secure meetings with parliamentarians relevant ministers, shadow ministers, senior parliamentarians and influencers
  • Provide background briefings and biographies and meeting notes for meetings
  • Take notes in meetings and give follow up activity
Why you should attend
  • Most MPs and Ministers are gathered in one place alongside the relevant national and business media, your competitors and other influential stakeholders
  • We can introduce you to ministers, shadow ministers and MPs relevant to your business
  • Position your organisation as a thought leader with a bespoke engagement programme
  • Providing insights, monitoring and daily reports
  • Influence and inform Party priorities for their forthcoming manifestos
  • Build on your profile by networking with industry stakeholders
  • Garner useful intelligence on policy decisions and competitor activities
  • Access the invitation only Lansons Receptions
If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail or attend our invitation only reception at the Labour and Conservative conferences, in association with the BSA and ABCUL, please contact the public affairs team for futher information via email or call 0207 294 3647.