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Lansons and Opinium Brexit study findings feature in The Telegraph

Ahead of the EU referendum, Lansons has commissioned Research agency, Opinium, to carry out a number of polls with 500 SME businesses to gain insight into how they think the Brexit result is likely to impact their business. Once again our findings have featured in an article by The Telegraph on how scaremongering about immigration harms business. You can discover our findings by reading the full article here.

We are also hosting a partnership event with Opinium and the London School of Economics, to coincide with the release of our new report, on assessing the risks of Brexit and its impact on consumer behaviour and the economy, in particular:

-What are the risks, fears, and hopes that British consumers associate with “remain” or “withdraw” victories in the future referendum?

-What will consumer decisions be based upon and how certain are the preferences of the different groups within society?

-How will these perceptions affect consumer behaviour in light of a possible Brexit vote?

You can find out more about this breakfast event and register your interest here.