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Lansons launches its first book-Why We Do What We Do

Lansons is excited to be launching its first book – Why We Do What We Do – authored by Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace.

Why We Do What We Do is for busy professionals who want to better themselves and those they work with. And, the insights shared are equally relevant in our personal lives too.  

Some ‘why’ questions that the book looks to answer include:

  • Why do we all need to manage stress?
  • Why are we all biased?
  • Why are we emotional rather than rational?
  • Why do we not remember accurately?
  • Why can’t we multi-task?
  • Why don’t we see the truth?
  • Why do we need to reignite our creativity?
  • Why do most change efforts fail?
  • Why do leaders need to keep learning?
  • Why do we need to improve our lifestyle and daily habits?

The book is available to purchase on Amazon. You can also contact us directly to purchase through