Lansons Intermarket: 2020 Year in Review

Our New York team at Lansons Intermarket reflect on their unique learnings from an unusual 2020.



“I hope Lansons doesn’t find out that my dog does all my work for me.” – Christina Kim


“I’ve learned that I’ll never complain about a long commute again. I also became a pepper farmer and hot sauce… saucier?” – Jack Smith


“One word – Zoom. It changed the way we all interacted in 2020 and became part of our daily vocabulary. While ‘Zooming’ provided some technical challenges, it also afforded some laughs as we saw ourselves appear upside down, sideways, and from multiple virtual backgrounds of galaxies far, far away or from secluded beaches. I‘d be remiss not to acknowledge my home office assistant who was always excited and eager to join my video conference calls. See you all on Zoom (right side up).” – Frank Piemonte


“My clingy cat has become a big source of amusement for me during quarantine.” – Mary Chung



“I’ve learned how much noise comes from my little dogs when I’m trying to work.” – Alyssa Pfitscher


“I’ve learned to truly appreciate my surroundings, whether it’s hiking a mountain, cooking with local ingredients, watching the sheer joy of my dog swimming in the lake, or the cat insisting that it’s time to close out for the day.” – Eleis Brennan



“2020 has reaffirmed my appreciation for libraries. Both the New York Public Library and the Kirkwood, Missouri Library have been invaluable in getting through the pandemic so far.”
– Jack Godar

“I learned just how much people can adapt. Despite the pandemic being the most calamitous event that the world has suffered in my lifetime, most people managed to overcome the dislocations and suffering and carry on with their lives in the hope of better days to come.”
– Martin Mosbacher

“After graduating college last December, I learned a lot in the past year. I started my first job here at Lansons Intermarket in March and I finally made the move to New York City in October!”
– Madison Bean

“How long my hair can get (including its silvery bits). That building new media connections is hard without the temptation of a tipple.. but still doable. The added value of solo late-night walks around Brooklyn’s brownstones. That Brooklyn really knows how to party when elections get called. Just how long 8 minutes and 46 seconds is. And it’s never too late to learn how to cook—including key lime pie and pork dumplings! (But definitely not at the same time)
– Tim Bourgaize Murray

“For me 2020 has been a lesson in routines, creating space and discovering presence. I know it seems kind of cliché, but the single greatest lesson I have learned from this year has been to never ever take anything or anyone for granted.”
– Corey Jefferson


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