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As the final day of official campaigning arrives, polls still show that tomorrow’s referendum will be a ‘neck and neck’ contest. The final Financial Times’ Poll of Polls shows a slender one percentage point lead for ‘Vote Leave’, with polls at 44 percentage points to 45.

Polls remain a dead heat even after last night’s referendum showdown at Wembley between big hitters from both campaigns. In yet another fiery televised debate, the ‘Vote Leave’ side were scalded by London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Ruth Davidson MP for running a campaign of hate and accused of quitting on the European project. However, the ‘Leave’ campaign fought back in equal measure, with Boris Johnson claiming Friday will be ‘Britain’s Independence Day’ and accusing the EU of being a ‘job destroying engine’ – See The Telegraph, BBC News & The Independent.

David Beckham’s endorsement for ‘Vote Remain’ yesterday has been followed up by some 1,285 business leaders who together employ 1.75 million people, including more than 900 small and medium-sized firms and 51 of the FTSE 100. In a letter published in today’s Times, the signatories argue that Brexit would damage the British economy and they urge people to vote to stay in the EU tomorrow.

Whilst celebrities and business leaders have turned out in force to weigh in on the Brexit debate, it appears claims by politicians and senior figures that tomorrow’s vote will be the most important political decision facing Britain has resonated strongly with the British people. The electoral commission has announced that a record number – some 46.5 million people – have signed up to vote in tomorrow’s referendum. See The Guardian & Reuters.

Meanwhile, in a last ditch attempt to convince readers, the Mirror has today declared its support for ‘Vote Remain’ and urges its readers to do the same. Ahead of tomorrow’s vote, those newspapers who back the campaign to stay now include: The Mirror, The Times, Financial Times, Mail on Sunday, Observer and The Guardian. Yet, in opposition, those publication who are in favour of leaving the EU encompass: the Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times and the Sun.

Finally, the Queen has become embroiled in the Brexit debate today, as it is revealed she asked friends and guests at a VIP dinner party for ‘three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe’. A spokeswoman from Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen is above politics and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters. The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide.” – See The Telegraph, The Sun & The Independent.

Today’s key events – 22.06.2016

– Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Labour IN chair Alan Johnson MP, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and Scottish

– Labour leader Kezia Dugdale speak at a rally in London on the EU referendum (2:00pm).

– UKIP leader Nigel Farage makes a speech on the EU referendum in London (11:00am).

– Jeremy Paxman hosts final EU referendum debate on Channel 4 (9:00pm).

– The Institute for Economic Affairs has published a report on the outcome of the EU referendum and economic freedom.