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Lansons at London Blockchain Week 2019

To celebrate our position as the official PR partner of London Blockchain Week 2019, Lansons proudly hosted a panel discussion at the event: ‘Legal Considerations in Blockchain’.

Chaired by our Board Director and Partner Jessica Warner, we invited Stephen Rutenberg, Shareholder of Polsinelli PC in New York, Jennifer Craven, a Senior Associate specialising in commercial frauds, and Sam Robinson, a partner at CMS, to share their insight.

Jessica’s panel explored the intricacies of something that develops at the breakneck pace of a leading technology, while the legal landscape shifts to adapt. Through our work at Lansons in building and maintaining reputations we regularly encounter legal departments trying to move with these changes.

Jennifer Craven described the issues at hand, ‘Blockchain is giving us ways of storing data that we’ve never seen before, but this does create challenges in tracing digital assets. The law is still getting around how to grapple with various definitions.’ Jennifer’s work in advising corporate victims of cyber and online fraud scams has given her an uninterrupted view of the transformations.

Despite these complications, Blockchain is creating huge opportunities in the face of the unknown, as Stephen Rutenberg is experiencing in America, ‘This is a fascinating new way of looking at ownership. There are a host of theoretical issues here that can actually make law more intellectual.’

As the Blockchain boom continues, users and prospective users alike are understandably wanting reassurance that the platform they are using is both safeguarded and compliant. Refreshingly, our panel was able to shed some light, ‘The regulatory has a perimeter that is changing. Being different from one country to another makes it more complicated, but there is a fair amount of regulation out there, that’s for sure.’ Said Sam Robinson, reporting on his work with the Financial Services Regulatory practice.

Around this engaging panel discussion, Lansons consultants enjoyed two days hosting an exhibition stand at the event, sharing our Blockchain expertise with delegates alongside coaching sessions from our in-house Media Training Team.

We are excited to announce that our next Fintech event will be held in-house at Lansons – Crypto 2.0: is crypto finally getting real?

This will feature an expert panel including Will Beeson of the Rebank podcast, Luis Carranza, Fintech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of London Fintech Week and Blockchain conferences, and Lex Sokolin of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research on the 27 March. The discussion will be based around the future of cryptocurrency and digging in the rubble of last year’s crypto-crash.

For more information and to register your interest, please visit our event page.

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