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Labour Party Conference: Ten things we have learnt

  Two years ago in Manchester Ed Miliband stood on stage as the freshly anointed Labour leader. Looking surprised and a little sheepish, many thought the Labour Party had picked the wrong brother. The response from Tory aides to the glut of depressing news about the Conservative Party was simply; Ed Miliband. He was deemed to be too weird and too weak to be seen by the public as a PM in waiting. Two years into what has been a distinctly mixed leadership, Ed turned the corner in Manchester. After giving a virtuoso no notes speech, Ed planted his mast squarely in the centre ground, cemented his leadership and took his party closer to power. Often criticised for being light on policy, the Labour Party is undergoing a major policy review, which, as Ed said is “reaching out to people”. Little by little the party is beginning to shape its 2015 manifesto, with the conference seeing a number of important policy announcements on issues ranging from banking reform and economic crime to vocational education and skills. To help you separate the reality from the rhetoric and understand what is genuinely new please click here to read Lansons Public Affairs’ briefing on key learnings from the Labour conference.