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  3. Tony Langham leads the PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Taskforce

Tony Langham leads the PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Taskforce

Lansons CEO and Co-founder Tony Langham, leads the PRCA'S Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce.

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This year Tony Langham chaired the PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce, which was formed to provide support to public relations practitioners throughout the pandemic. As part of the initiative Tony led a project to collect the best ideas from across the world on how PR can quickly recover from the pandemic.

The project is now complete, with 74 contributions from 23 different countries. The report – ‘How to Recover Fast from the Pandemic’ will be published by the PRCA on Tuesday 17th November.

On Thursday, 19th November, the report findings will be shared at a webinar where Tony will discuss the findings with four other contributors.

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