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Now is the time to take stock, reset and reimagine Purpose

The concept of ‘purpose-led organisations’ has been gathering momentum. How organisations respond to the coronavirus pandemic, navigate the financial crash and mitigate climate change is being scrutinised. Is the organisation behaving in a way that reflects their purpose promises? Is the purpose relevant to current societal and environmental demands? Is it a purpose beyond profit?

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The world has reached a critical inflection point.

Business is either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Now, when BAU is disrupted, it is an opportune time for businesses to take stock, reset and reimagine Purpose. Because, Purpose is no longer simply about expressing your ‘why’. Neither is it about demonstrating profit to shareholders. Even the ‘king of capitalism’ Larry Fink recently said:

"To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show it makes a positive contribution to "society"

Businesses can and should be a “force for good”.

This is at the heart of the global B-Corp movement that is reshaping future businesses to exist for “People, Planet and Profit”. Balancing these 3Ps defines Purpose. There are clear benefits in companies whose purpose defines their role within society and uses it as a ‘North star’ for making decisions in times of crisis. There are many examples. And, there’s lots of consumer data showing how customers view purpose-driven brands as being more caring and, as a result, are more loyal to them.

But there is often a gap between what business leaders believe their purpose to be and what their behaviours suggest their purpose truly is: impacting trust and reputation. This is the difference between having a purpose that simply expresses an organisations aspiration versus it being a conscious expression of behaviour and intention to evolve or transform itself.

Now, with disruption around us, is the time to review purpose.

It’s an opportunity to reshape business of the future that’s driven by a clear oganisational purpose.

At Lansons, we’re committed to helping organisations be purpose-led that’s fit for today’s world.

Purpose requires everyone – employees, suppliers, shareholders and leaders – to believe in it, so that the organisation does not just have a perceived Purpose but actively lives its Purpose in all that it does. Our service offer ranges from insight gathering to set out an authentic purpose narrative to engaging disparate stakeholders and embedding in the business for long-term success.

We help organisations to define and articulate their purpose, shaping their reputation from the inside out. Get in touch to find out how we can help you engage with authenticity and purpose.

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