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Launching 'Coping with COP' campaign

We’ve attempted a smorgasbord of 30 second snippets, stories and explanations around sustainability. It’s not exhaustive - more Yoda’s little finger than Yoda. But it is, we hope, a semi-useful guide to the story, meaning and context around COP26 and what matters in the next few years.

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At Lansons we felt the ESG conversation has moved so quickly the last few years that people are now expected to discuss complex systems, processes and rules without having a strong sense of what underpins them. It’s an enormous and, at times, overwhelming topic.

Coping with COP was designed to be a thoughtful but (fingers crossed) fun attempt to cover some of those underlying concepts. You can read each one in under 30 seconds.

Sam Sharpe, Board Director at Lansons says:

“Having been on the periphery for decades, no one can ignore sustainability now; it’s rewiring our economies and is finally moving to the centre of how businesses operate. Whilst the transition is absolutely necessary, and will be profitable for many companies, there are risks and parts will be immensely tricky. Communicating how you’re managing that transition can feel like a minefield. Every firm is different, but we believe there are a few simple frameworks you can apply to help guide how you talk about it.”

Which gas is a divisive socialite with a hangover level appetite?

For an overview of the gases that matter, a history of COPs in emojis, and other semi-useful snippets on sustainability, visit Coping with COP

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