Lansons Conversations

How do you eat yours?

When I saw a tweet from @melacou containing the hashtag #eggauction, its absurd connotation compelled me to follow the conversation. Waiting to discover whether it was freshly laid, boiled or from a Faberge collection, I was delighted to see that it was actually for a Creme Egg. Just what the doctor ordered for any Friday afternoon. What was great about this #eggauction idea was that @melacou, from @cubaka, was raising money for @FSIDcharity. After just a few hours of bidding wars and several joint-offers later, the Creme Egg was sold for £125 and the auction and @FSIDcharity was seen by thousands of people. It goes to show that in a short space of time, harnessing a social community, no matter how big or small, you can achieve good things. It doesn’t cost the earth to run this type of activity – in this case it was the cost of a chocolate and dedicating time to watching the bids roll in – benefiting the charity all round. Can’t wait for the next auction…