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Global Communication Partners AGM 2018

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Why a global perspective with regional specialist insight pays off in a world of transformational change

Transformation is all around us. The impact of technology, political decisions and regulatory changes as well as societal shifts, are only some examples of global changes on businesses and individuals across the globe.

Under the umbrella term of ‘transformational change’, founders and senior consultants of the independent communications agencies that form the Global Communication Partners (GCP) network, met for two days to discuss issues and opportunities on the horizon for organisations in the financial services sector.

These annual gatherings present an excellent opportunity to exchange insights, knowledge and learnings with like minded communications professionals from across the globe. Ultimately it can shape our thinking to generate the best ideas, give well-rounded advice and generate excellent results for our clients.

What better place to meet than Dubai, a region that has witnessed such a stark transformation over the past few decades. Emerging from a centre for fishing, pearling and sea trade in the 1960’s to one of the most important business hubs in the Middle East, the region is now undergoing its third transformation in less than a century. Flourishing at first as a result of a spiralling oil price, Dubai is now reinventing itself to balance declining tourism and falling property prices. It has an ambitious 2020 agenda to become a major global financial centre and hub for investment in innovation, while paving the way to become a destination for entrepreneurs, startups and new talent through the creation of a new education system in the region.

As Randa Mazzawi, founder and general manager of our Dubai partner agency Borouj Consulting, and host of this year’s AGM, puts it: “Dubai’s multi-cultural nature and its multi-national business environment was an ideal background for our AGM this year. Our partners were able to get first-hand experience of the vibrant culture, rich diversity, and fast paced development in the Middle East, in an era of transformational change. Exchanging insights and ideas from across the globe showed how much we and our clients have in common when it comes to challenges and opportunities.”  

Inspiring speakers from the GCC region, ranged from senior professionals in the FinTech arena, Angel Investors and CEOs of established businesses. Discussions didn’t stop at the macro-economic environment that is driving change – the speakers looked beyond this evolution, explaining its transformation from an unregulated to over-regulated market and shed light on the MENA tech scene.

Global Communication Partners and Lansons 

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You may ask yourself how this relates to Lansons and its agency capabilities. The answer is simple:

Meeting face to face with like-minded communications specialists and hearing from business owners and investors, laid the groundwork for fruitful discussions. From the biggest communications issues we are experiencing, to the services seeing increasing demand and the business growth areas. These further paved the way to unpick a debate on how to manage cross-border issues during a crisis and the implications of the digital age on crisis management and stakeholder communication.

This knowledge exchange is proving vital to better understand the implications of transformational changes on business and serves to improve us as consultants. Meeting face-to-face is giving us a regular opportunity to build synergies with our global partner agencies, which has helped us to advise clients on their global communications needs. The network enables Lansons to regularly work on international communications briefs and allows us to offer ‘on the ground’ support through specialists agencies we know and trust.

The key takeaway for us as communications professionals from this meeting: the patterns of transformational change apply globally, and require a global, holistic view. In the digital age, local equals global. Yet, local solutions based on a thorough understanding of the market, the media and other stakeholders that operate within it, are those that succeed.

To meaningfully advise businesses in any scenario, both global knowledge and local in-depth expertise are invaluable to a firm’s reputation and this is where our global partnerships with local specialists make a real difference to businesses across the globe.

This approach has proven successful in helping businesses manage their reputations over the past 27 years, serving both startups and established, local and global, players.

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