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#GE2017 – How Social Media Responded Last Week – 9 Days To Go!

This week, May and Corbyn took part in a live TV debate, #BattleforNumber10. Unsurprisingly given its young and, overall, more left-wing population, the overall view on Twitter is that Corbyn came out on top, with the phrase #WeakandWobbly being coined to describe Theresa May. Corbyn’s performance at the leadership debate has resulted in a further increase in the volume of conversations around him online. However with Corbyn’s links to the IRA coming back into focus, is this volume of conversation all positive? The answer is largely yes. As although Corbyn’s links with the IRA are being acknowledged on Twitter, it is has been dubbed as old news, with a large proportion praising his current policies on Terrorism.

The Conservatives heavy focus on the strength of May, terrorism and Brexit, isn’t being translated on twitter, with the NHS and Education the second and third most discussed topic online surrounding the election. Labour supporters online are making direct comparisons between Labour and Conservative policies on the key Labour topics such as the NHS and social care, highlighting the Conservatives weakness in these topics. In order to regain their traction online, the Conservatives need to bring the message back to Brexit.