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Four reasons why Tumblr is more than just a platform for teens

There is no social media tumbleweed where Tumblr is concerned. The blogging website that was bought by Yahoo for $1.1bn in 2013 deserves a place alongside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the marketer’s social media armoury. Just look at the statistics; Tumblr reaches an audience of more than 500 million people with more than 245 million blogs and 115 billion posts on the platform. To put this into perspective, Twitter has 302 million active users.

So why isn’t Tumblr mentioned in the same sentence with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn when it comes to running a social media programme? Beats us. There are at least four reasons why Tumblr is more than just a social site for teens.


When working in digital PR it’s important to respect the online communities you are working with and a large part of this is about knowing your audience. Tumblr is no exception. Nearly half the users on Tumblr are between the ages of 18 – 34 and 30% are aged between 35 – 54. Therefore, content typically reflects a younger age range, but the demographic scope is vast. Just look at some of the posts by these most prominent accounts; The White House, Coca-Cola and Global Matters by Visa.

It’s a strong, active community

Tumblr has a clear advantage over WordPress as a blogging platform; it boasts an online community that you can get involved with. This gives organisations the opportunity to follow the right people and engage with their content. As follower counts aren’t on public display by default, there is no pressure on following/follower levels like there is with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can identify the right people, engage with their content and begin creating your own content inspired by those who you want to have meaningful interactions with.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Don’t tell anybody but Tumblr is actually an SEO secret weapon. The entire social network is built as a blogging system, which means links on Tumblr hold value. So if somebody from Tumblr links to your website, this is good for your rankings and website traffic. As Tumblr has an active community, the right content can be shared quite quickly (reblogged), potentially giving you dozens of valuable links in a relatively short time.

Data analytics partnership

Social media analytics firm, Crimson Hexagon, was just appointed as a Tumblr Preferred Analytics Partner (sign-up for their webinar). This means anyone who uses Crimson Hexagon for social media monitoring will have access to Tumblr’s ‘firehose’, a real-time feed of all public activity on the network. This is a valuable tool to any brand or agency which wants to know what the 500 million users of Tumblr are saying about their product or organisation.

Is your organisation interested in joining Tumblr’s 420 million-strong community? Get in touch with our Head of Digital & Social Media, Russ Graham.