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Five tips for building online reputation in Asset Management

On 4 November Lansons hosted Reaching your audience: Clearer Communication for Asset Managers, aimed at equipping communicators in this sector with the tools to reach national and international audiences more creatively whilst complying with regulatory frameworks.

Here we share with you Megan Murray Jones’ top five tips for building your reputation online and increasing your audience reach.

There is also a podcast to check out discussing the issues raised by our panel on the day – Neil Robson, regulatory and compliance partner in the financial services team at Katten Muchin Rosenman’s, Geoff Candy, News Editor for Portfolio Adviser and Megan Murray Jones, joint head of Branded Content and Broadcast at Lansons


  1. Re-purpose for longevity: When you decide to create ‘content’ – be it video, audio or copy – are you thinking about all the possible ways you can sweat it across all the possible distribution channels? By taking one asset and using it multiple times you are not only reducing the time taken to put multiple different assets through compliance, you are also providing a strong and consistent company message across multiple platforms.

  2. Target your key influencers: It used to be the 90 – 9 – 1 rule for content creation. In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action. With the rise in digital influence the rules have changed; it is actually now more like 70 – 20 – 10. With 20% commenting on your company, how are you building relationships with them to ensure they are equipped to spread your message appropriately and in line with your brand vision? These influencers can be bloggers, freelancers, analysts, clients and researchers; they all value your support, trust and inclusion so make sure you are providing useful content and engaging with them on a regular basis.

  3. Create with distribution in mind: Research suggests that 50% of prospects have not visited traditional ‘owned’ channels so speaking to your audience in channels where they naturally seek information will ultimately drive more engagement. Your audience isn’t just reading the FT; they are three time more active than the average user on LinkedIn, they are seeking information on the links of Portfolio Adviser and are active on Twitter. So don’t let distribution be the afterthought; it should be woven into the pre production planning. Before you start creating your video, have you thought about how it would work on social media, how you could package it for journalists or how it could be distributed across your internal comms? This forward planning will also ensure that you have had time to sign off everything and there are no compliance hiccups at the final hurdle.

  4. Tailor your message for relevancy: Many companies spend their time distributing content that delivers what they want to say rather than what their audience wants to hear. You need to create a ‘teach not preach’ mentality to content creation to help your audience and build a more valuable relationship. Instead of creating a video announcing the launch of a new Fund Manager, tweak it to communicate what this will mean to the adviser and the end investor. It sounds simple, but that means it is effective! Furthermore, with the eruption of social media the consumer as more access to information and is, therefore, self-educating on Pensions Freedom, Consumer Rights etc. If you can provide advisors with content that helps them guide a potential client to purchase then you are the one who has helped them do their job.

  5. Harness your distribution army: Then it is all about the distribution. Who are your key influencers, community and friends of your company who can get your content to the right people? With more people trusting employees than the PR team or CEO, how are you using your employees effectively to be a valued voice of the company and help spread the word across their own channels. It doesn’t just have to be online either; an event is a valuable physical presence where you can share marketing collateral, hand out whitepapers and present infographics for your clients and stakeholders to see.

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