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Party Conference Support

A powerful positioning opportunity for organisations and brands building their reputations as industry leaders.

Party conference season is one of largest and most significant events in the political calendar. With politicians and key stakeholders gathered in one place, it is a great opportunity to carry out engagement and make connections in a short space of time. The Party conference season can also be a worthwhile opportunity to hold an event or a stall to build awareness and cement your status in this area.

Labour Party conference: 25th - 28th September, Liverpool

Conservative Party conference: 3rd - 5th October, Birmingham

As the country recovers from the pandemic and faces substantial economic challenges, the next party conference season will be crucial for both major parties to focus on ensuring they are united and on the right platform ahead of a looming general election.

Lansons is supporting businesses at Party Conference with:

  • Organising private roundtables
  • Fringe events
  • Hosting stands
  • Receptions
  • Political contact programmes
  • Managed conference programmes

For a more detailed overview on how we can support you with party conference planning, please contact the team.

Benefits of party conference include:

  • Helping to shape debate around key policy issues.
  • Exposure to the thinking of policymakers, political parties and competitors which can feed into strategic decision making.
  • Broader networking and profile-raising opportunities.

There are significant opportunities to raise profile and shape debate, including:

  • The option to host a private or public event to launch or present research or an. This can be done by hosting a fringe event in conjunction with others, or a private dinner or roundtable with key stakeholders.
  • Engagement with policymakers, industry influencers and journalists to position yourself favourably ahead of policy changes. Engagement already undertaken in Westminster can be reinforced by these additional meetings. The setting is often much less formal, with meetings moved or shortened at late notice but is potentially an opportunity to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders.
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