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Public Affairs

We help you know who to talk to, what to listen to, and what really matters for your organisation.

We understand the importance of being able to react quickly and efficiently to breaking news and political developments, whilst feeling confident that the information you receive is relevant to your business priorities.

With over 40 years’ combined expertise of working within politics and business, including hands-on experience of Westminster and Whitehall, the Lansons team can deliver real value and business-changing insights.

In partnership with Opinium Research, each weekly instalment provides clarity and professional insight into the unpredictable world of politics including polling figures, political research and predictions. Subscribe to Political Capital

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Government Engagement

Engage key political stakeholders with strategic campaigns aligned to your business priorities, helping you shape the conversations and outcomes that matter most.

Political Monitoring

Anticipate and react quickly to breaking news and political developments with instant updates and stakeholder bulletins offering insight on the issues driving the news agenda in your sector.

Party Conference Support

Position your business at the forefront of policy issues whilst simultaneously engaging policymakers, industry influencers and key media at the most important events in the party-political calendar.

Select Committee Training

Ensure you and your organisation are in the best possible shape and thoroughly prepared ahead of questioning with our select committee training programmes, honed over three decades.

Public Policy Research

Through research and horizon scanning, we assess future policy changes that will impact your business and sector, identifying the risks and opportunities as a result.

Stakeholder Mapping

A key part of messaging and narrative development – understanding the likely attitude of stakeholders to your business is key to developing impactful messages. We work with you to map your key political, media and third party stakeholders.

James dowling 7739

James Dowling

Board Director

As former Special Adviser to David Gauke, first in the Department for Work and Pensions, and then at the Ministry of Justice, James oversees Lansons public affairs and public policy practice.

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