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Words, pictures, film, podcasts, live experiences. Whatever the format, high-quality, original content is central to effective communication by making information visible, accessible, memorable and shareable.

But today, brands and organisations can choose from multiple channels of communication through which to engage audiences. And to take advantage of that opportunity, they must think like publishers.

Editorial content is our heritage and our heartland. We draw on that experience to develop robust, bespoke content strategies for brands that are based on human insight and designed to create authentic connections between a brand and its audiences.

Our specialist teams of designers, writers (including several former journalists), event designers and filmmakers blend creative flair and strategic understanding to translate brand storytelling into high-quality content. We also partner with specialists in website development and event production to deliver positive brand experiences across all channels.

Our content amplification supports the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) model, blending strategic media relations and influencer marketing with direct, multi-channel activation programmes.

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Film & Podcast

Engineer your campaigns and storytelling in ways that are memorable, insightful and shareable with our film, animation and podcast services. Now producing remotely.

Online Events

Whether through an online-events programme, one-off experiential activations or engagement delivered through partnerships, we help brands engage audiences in the real world with unique, relevant, meaningful experiences.

Thought Leadership

Communicate your defining ideas and demonstrate authority in your area of expertise with the audiences that matter, through editorial and thought leadership content.


From editorial design to infographics and brand assets, we align creative vision with the project needs to produce impactful and high-quality collateral in tune with your brand.

Jon Cronin 414x475

Jon Cronin

Board Director and Head of Broadcast and Content

An experienced film-maker and broadcast specialist, Jon is a former senior BBC business journalist with over 10 years’ experience in TV, radio and online news.