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Change & Transformation Communications

Change is everywhere, and it’s constant. Yet, driving change is challenging.

That’s because the most complex aspect of any change is human behaviour; organisations don’t change, people do. It’s why we apply neurocomms – the application of neuroscience to communications strategies (a concept developed in partnership with Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist specialising in applied neuroscience) – to engage employees on a deeper level. Why We Do What We Do authored by Dr Helena Boschi, supported by Lansons and published by Wiley, looks at how the brain influences what we see, think and do in our life, at home and at work.

We combine insight strategic know-how, creative ideas and practical techniques; vital in successful communications for change. And sometimes, transformation.

Here’s how.

  • Create cultural musts.
  • Lead with vision.
  • Engage for impact.
  • Articulate your strategy.
  • Realise your transformation.

By being CLEAR, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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Suzanne ellis 5433

Suzanne Ellis

Board Director

Suzanne helps organisations communicate during change, building engagement to influence and support desired behaviours among employees, customers or stakeholders. With more than 20 years’ consulting experience, she uses an insight-led approach that draws on the latest psychological research to effect real change. Most recently, she’s spent time helping organisations communicate and activate their Purpose internally: from onboarding leaders to engaging employees to co-create strategies for action.

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