Why We Do What We Do: Partnership event with the Financial Services Forum

When:28/01/2021 at 9:30 am Where:Online Register

As COVID-19 shines a spotlight on the need for organisations to react at pace to unprecedented change, the role of neuroscience has never been more relevant: empowering organisations to deliver effective transformation.

Lansons, sponsor of the ground-breaking book on neuroscience by Dr Helena Boschi: Why we do what we do, share proven, practical tips on how applying neuroscience to communications delivers change in your people – the way the brain does.  We will look at why we are hardwired to resist change, and why the brain hates complexity – as well as routes to decrease uncertainty and engage with change.


Dr Helena Boschi, Psychologist and Author of Why We Do What We Do

You can register your place at the Financial Services Forum website by clicking here.