The Transparency Task Force Symposium – The Woes of Woodford

When:14/11/2019 at 12:00 pm Where: 24A St John St, Barbican, London EC1M 4AY

*Please note this event has now passed

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We’re proud to be hosting The Transparency Task Force’s Symposium, covering “The Woes of Woodford- who needs to learn what?” and “The Costs & Charges; Are we there yet?’ on the 14th November.

The overall purpose of this particular symposium is to shine a bright light onto the important topic of costs/charges, in keeping with TTF’s mission to help fix what’s wrong in financial services, so consumers get a better deal; and trust and confidence can be restored. 

We have therefore organised this special symposium to help bring all the strands together – to enable delegates, speakers, panellists and the press to get a fresh and comprehensive overview of where we have got to in the journey towards true costs transparency and what needs to happen next.

You can expect to be amongst progressively minded and collaboratively minded people who are keen to explore how financial services should be reformed

They will be covering two topics:

“The Woes of Woodford” – who needs to learn what?”

The harsh reality is that the Woodford saga is the latest of a very, very long list of issues that have caused significant reputational damage for the financial services sector.

“Costs & charges – are we there yet?”

It is widely accepted that costs and charges in pensions and investments have a significant impact on net returns, particularly for long-term investors such as pension savers. Understanding total cost is vitally important in being able to seek and obtain value for money so it is not surprising that there has been extensive regulatory intervention into this space and that the bright light of scrutiny has also been shone onto the subject by many academics, though-leaders and campaign groups, right round the world.

To say “there is a lot going on” in relation to costs and charges wouldn’t be an exaggeration; and the picture is getting increasingly complex.

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*The session itself will end at 17:00 but we will provide drinks afterwards, for those that want to stay on for relaxed discussion and networking.