Lansons Conversations

Day 7-Good day – bad day

Labour’s launch today was everything last week’s announcement wasn’t. Upbeat, confident and polished. With the weekend papers reviewing a poor first week of campaigning for Labour, week two has begun well. Both major parties are keen to gain the optimists vote while running campaigns which don’t necessarily excite and are appropriate for an era of serious challenges.  Good day The taxpayer would stand to make a quick buck on its stakes in the Government controlled banks with news that the Conservatives would conduct an early competition inquiry into the banking sector clearing the way for a sale of the Government stakes in the state owned banks as early as next year. With the Lloyds share price closing above the price the Government paid for them – voters could get an early present from a Conservative Government. Bad day The taxpayer again with news that three former Labour MPs facing criminal charges over their expenses have been given the right to have their legal fees paid for by the taxpayer