Lansons Conversations

Day 28 – Good day – bad day

With the Party leaders ratcheting up their activity in the final few hours of the election campaign, it seems more cabinet ministers are sobering up to the fact that their support base alone may not be enough to keep the Conservatives from forming a Government. Likely Labour leadership contender, Ed Balls, together with Peter Hain this morning urged the electorate to vote with their heads and not their hearts in key marginal constituencies; it was little short of a ringing endorsement for the Liberal Democrats in places where Labour are currently residing in third place. So tactical voting: the much debated, feared and – in many instances – tacitly advocated electioneering tool may play a central role in deciding who governs our country. Douglas Alexander appeared on the Daily Politics denying there was any explicit, or indeed implicit, call for Labourites to temporarily support the Cleggmania sweeping through swathes of the UK. The Mirror today has issued a detailed guide on how to vote if you live in a marginal, to ensure that Cameron will not be walking into Number 10 on Friday morning. So if the idea becomes seeded and momentum grows behind the concept, it could prove to be a very bad day for the Tories indeed. However, having won the backing of a significant number of press titles, including the Financial Times and the Economist, the Tories can at least rest easy that their economic policies have received some gravitas.