Lansons Conversations

Day 23 – Good day – bad day

With the aftermath of BigotGate still hanging heavily over the Prime Minister, his attempts to steer today’s theme back onto debating the substance with the people – arguably what got him into this predicament – has had mixed success. His visit to a welding factory was met with hostility from one worker, who claimed the business was doing well in spite of his government’s policies. And it was nearly a case of déjà vu from the Prime Minister today, as he wandered off from a quick visit to Manchester with his microphone still on and firmly attached. Luckily the camera crew were nice enough (this time) to spare Brown from further embarrassment. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat campaign machines carried on in the background, though. Clegg was given a tough time by students in a Birmingham College while Cameron was resolute in his refusal to be drawn for comment on Brown’s antics yesterday. His focus, somewhat wisely, has been on preparing for tonight’s crucial debate on the economy, knowing full well he will be attacked on both sides for his policies on National Insurance Contributions and Inheritance Tax. With The Economist set to come out in support of the Conservatives and Labour’s press office resorting to recycling announcements of support for their NIC increase, it’s a bad day all round for Brown, and a hint of a good one for the Tories. Tonight will tell.