Lansons Conversations

Day 14 – Good day – bad day

With all the talk of the digital versus the TV election, today the parties returned to twentieth century political campaigning by holding good old-fashioned press conferences. While Nick Clegg spent another day riding on the wave of his TV ‘debut’, the media intensified its scrutiny of his party’s policies. Labour and Conservatives had some rather public rows about what to do with this irritating ‘third horse’ as they determined which strategy to adopt – crush them or cuddle them? And if Nick Clegg’s first heckle of the campaign is anything to go by, it is not going to be pretty. Good day Another good day for the Lib Dems as polls placed them in first and second place. However with almost every commentator predicting their fall we wonder: how long can it last? Bad day Ed Davey, foreign spokesman for the Lib Dems had a bad day on the Daily Politics debate (which will now host a debate daily), dressing in an oversized suit and delivering his closing speech while looking down at the notes in front of him. Also a bad day for the volcanic ash cloud. Already receiving bad press, today the natural phenomena was drawn into the political maelstrom with Conservatives saying that the Government had been too busy campaigning to worry about all those stuck abroad. Perhaps only Conservative voters can afford to go on holidays nowadays?