Create cultural musts

Are you shifting to a purpose-led, agile or innovative culture?
How will your culture help deliver your vision or strategic outcomes?
What stories and practices define people’s behaviour at work?

We will work with you to:

  • Culture assessment: Diagnose your culture and understand the variance between what is current versus desired. We’ll do this by evaluating the many components that form an organisation’s culture – such as the stories, routines and rituals, symbols, control systems, power structures and organisational structures – that make up the ‘way we do things here’ .
  • Culture transformation: Through visible and engaged leadership; communications that ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ the culture story; and incentive activities that reinforce the right behaviours; we help organisations evolve and sometimes, transform their culture.
  • Culture communications & engagement: Create a culture story that is clear, compelling and relevant. And, identify stories and other activities that will positively shape and sustain the desired culture.