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The handy sources of info:
A selection of resources

A short selection of some our go-to content hubs.

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

One of the original and leading academic centres focused on sustainability, from Cambridge University - particularly rich on resources on building sustainable thinking into our business and financial landscapes. Some great professional courses available.

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Climate Action Tracker

A great site, run by an independent scientific group, to track how countries (not all but many) are progressing – for example with their NDCs and emissions. It effectively monitors government’s progress towards reaching the Paris goal of 1.5 degrees.

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Financial Times climate capital

There are many great publication hubs but the FT events are particularly good.

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Handy for the latest reports and scientific consensus. They’re considered to be the most comprehensive scientific reports on climate change.

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Lots of ESG research and opinion; also a snappy and timely ESG podcast every Friday. It’s online webinars tend to have great speakers and interesting discussions

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National Geographic

The long-lived and much loved publication for all things on Earth. (And it’s just so beautifully done).

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NASA Global Climate Change

A great hub with lots of simple and straightforward explanations. Its Climate Time Machine is a fun/slightly scary little tool.

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The New Scientist podcast

Weekly podcast. Not all on sustainability, but all interesting, and it crops up almost every week

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The Royal Society

Great climate change section; fascinating public lectures and conferences.

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Video content channel dedicated to all things sustainability. Get absorbed by some niche subjects and some snazzy cinematography.

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Yale Climate Connections

Daily radio broadcasts and original online reporting, commentary, and analysis on all things climate change.

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There are many great books on the subject. These are just a sprinkling of those published since 2020 that we’ve enjoyed.

Earthshot: How to save our planet, Colin Butfield & Jonnie Hughes

Probably the cosiest option on this list, but that is a comparative term. Good overview of the issue and possible solutions in the structure of the prize Earthshots – clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste free world, fix our climate and protect and restore nature.

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Invest for good, Alice Ross

A quick and solid overview of ESG investing – what to think about, question and ask when you look at companies or your pension.

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The future we choose, Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac

Hits home but has a positive spin. If you want a view of the scale of the problem – and the consequences – without feeling totally on the edge of doom, this is it.

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How to save our planet, Professor Mark Maslin

Super short. Basically we have everything we need, we just need to actually use it all properly and do something.

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How to avoid a climate emergency, Bill Gates

Short and to the point. Good argument in favour of carbon pricing.

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A life on our planet, David Attenborough

Endearing, easy to read, to the point but full of hope. Worth listening to the audio version as he narrates it himself.

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Net positive, Paul Polman & Andrew Winston

The how, rather than the why, by probably the most famous corporate leader on sustainability. It feels personal in part and is definitely one to put nearer the top of your to-read pile.

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Net Zero, Dieter Helm

Take a deep breath before reading. Concise and insightful, Sir Dieter Helm is a big-name economist and does not hold back when it comes to bashing government inaction. Makes it clear that the choices we each make at home are vital.

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Value(s), Mark Carney

Hefty but interesting; we have to reset how we think about value. Worth listening to the audio version as he narrates himself (very calming).

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