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The commentators:
Who’s writing about its

Obviously lots of people are. We have seen dedicated climate and ESG beats emerge but we’ve also seen it begin to take a more newsroom approach in some areas - with sustainability, climate and net zero stories filtering through most desks. Many major news outlets have also ‘started climate focused hubs/channels/sections/offshoot publications, from Bloomberg and The Financial Times to The Sun.

Aaron Rutkoff

Executive editor, Bloomberg Green – founding editor of Bloomberg Green, an early mover on a holistic newsroom style approach to climate coverage. Covers a mix of climate stories but almost always with a solutions angle. Interested in data. (On a side note, we love the Bloomberg Green data dash).

Adam Vaughan

Chief Reporter, The New Scientist – Covers environment, climate change, energy, technology and genetic privacy. Moved into climate coverage as his personal interest grew. Launched the Fix the planet newsletter in 2020.

Ben Webster

Environment editor, The Times - Covers the most important UK and international environmental stories, including hydrogen, pollution, emissions, deforestation and more.

David Aaronovitch

Times columnist, BBC Radio 4 The Briefing Room host – Award winning columnist and broadcaster. Writes frequently on climate change in his Times column and hosts BBC Radio 4 panel debates with experts on the big issues in the news, including the climate crisis, COP26, extreme weather and the UK energy crisis.

David Shukman

Science editor, BBC News – Leading the BBC’s COP26 coverage alongside Justin Rowlatt. Covers a range of stories including plastic pollution, foreign and domestic climate change policy and pledges, green jobs and new technologies.

Fiona Harvey

Environment correspondent, Guardian – An award-winning environment journalist who has covered every major environmental issue, from the Arctic to the Amazon. Covering COP26, climate change targets, the transition to a low carbon economy and more.

George Monbiot

Columnist, The Guardian – Famously converted to veganism to reduce his impact on the planet, he’s a long-standing environmental campaigner and journalist whose investigative efforts have got him shot at, shipwrecked and put into a coma by hornets.

Gillian Tett

Editor-at-large, Financial Times – started the FT’s Moral Money newsletter, in a bid to cut through the noise as the dollars flowed into ESG products. Argues that ESG is really risk management. Keeps a spreadsheet logging company net-zero targets.

Justin Rowlatt

Climate editor, BBC News – Travels the world for the BBC covering climate change. Stories include nuclear and solar power, green technologies, extreme weather events and the direction of climate change campaigning.

Nina Chestney

Head of EMEA Power, Gas, Coal and Carbon, Reuters – She overseas Reuters’ coverage of European power and gas markets, the European cold market, the EU's Emissions Trading System, as well as renewable energy and the environment.

Madeleine Cuff

Environment reporter, the i – Covers environmental affairs and all things green, from rewilding to climate science. Madeleine the i’s weekly newsletter - Green Shoots - on how people can contribute positively towards the environment.

Robin McKie

Science and environment editor, Observer – Covers topics including deep sea mining, sewage and pollution, global policies and pledges on the climate, through the lens of the climate crisis.

Roger Harrabin

Energy and environment analyst, BBC - Covered environmental issues since the 1980s and won awards across print and broadcast. His interests include risk, transport and cities, and he broadcasts on the latest climate change science and renewable energy infrastructure.

Thomas Moore

Science correspondent, Sky News – He was the lead correspondent for Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign. The campaign transformed attitudes to plastic and Thomas has won numerous awards for his documentaries on plastic pollution

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