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  1. Coping with COP

Coping with COP

A smorgasbord of 30 second snippets, stories and explanations around sustainability.

This is not exhaustive. It’s more Yoda’s little finger than Yoda.

But it is, we hope, an enjoyable and semi-useful 30-second-snippet guide to the story, meaning and context around COP26 and what matters in the next few years. Because this COP, and the next few years, do matter - a lot.

There are few questions that the musical Hamilton doesn’t have an answer for (in our humble opinion). Two are particularly relevant for climate change. (FYI we can’t write this without singing it, just in case you read it that way too.) In the words of Angelica, “How lucky we are to be alive right now” and Alexander himself - “I’m not throwing away my shot.” We must view our living now, and our being the last generation to be able to - no exaggeration here - save humanity, as a privilege and not a curse. We can act, but we are running out of time to do so.

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