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Lansons is the first consultancy to join the CMA!

We are delighted that Lansons has become the first PR consultancy member of the Content Marketing Association (announced on the CMA website on 4th April 2018). 

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It’s an exciting moment for us, both because it formalises our affiliation with the CMA and their fantastic network of thoughtful events and great speakers, but also because it demonstrates our commitment to grow and change as a reputation management business. 


What it means for our clients

We are determined that audience-led, insightful storytelling should sit at the heart of our communications work for clients, regardless of sector, channel or audience type. Why?  Because we believe that genuine and measurable behavioural change can only be achieved where a relationship exists, and that relies on an honest, open and rewarding exchange of information – be it through words, pictures, film, live or virtual experiences.  In other words, content. 

But, historically, ‘content’ has been the homeland of the marketers, advertisers, publishers and even the ‘social agencies’.  PR and comms consultancies haven’t really had a look in because it’s been assumed that ‘content’ isn’t really our thing.  Firstly, that’s daft.  We all produce content every day. But secondly, PRs probably have more of a claim to ‘content’ than anyone.  We are, after all, the storytellers.

Of course, the truth is, no one owns content. But all communicators must embrace it because, ultimately, that’s our job.  Not to produce content for its own sake. But to create compelling, distinctive, storytelling content that helps businesses and people better understand each other; whether that’s customers, investors, policy-makers, journalists, bloggers or employees. 

Mind you, content can’t do that on its own.  Very pretty, even clever, content might inspire a (self) pat on the back from the creative team.  The boss might love it.  But meaningless content will never influence behaviour or positively impact reputation.  To change hearts and minds, content must be true, relevant and appropriate.  And that relies on knowing the people you’re talking to, really well.

Strategic Content

Whether data-driven or based on good old intuition, insight is the magic ingredient of great content.  Investing time in planning to ensure we truly understand an audience – what they think and like, what motivates them, who they listen to and where they are – allows us to find connections from which we can develop content that sparks conversations, develops relationships and fosters trust.  Then we must care enough to watch how people respond; testing, learning and adapting content to ensure the relationship remains a rewarding experience on both sides.  

Lansons has always been a people-first business so it’s natural our evolution should continue to put that first, with understanding, ideas and content designed to inspire, inform, excite and unite people.

And it’s why we’ve joined the CMA; to learn, share and grow with others who think the same way.

It’s great to be on board and, funnily enough, it feels like we’re exactly where we belong…

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