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Conservative Party Conference: Ten things we have learnt

Dear all, As we come to the end of what has been an interesting, if quieter, party conference season than normal we take with us a sense of the issues that will shape the next general election. The economy, welfare and education, Prime Minister David Cameron maintained, form the “battle-lines” for 2015. Although he did not unveil any new policies in his conference speech, he used it to outline his vision of Britain as an “aspirational nation”. To help you separate the reality from the rhetoric and understand what is genuinely new please click here to read our briefing on key learnings from the Conservative conference. Midway into the parliamentary session the future of each party remains undetermined. The extent to which Nick Clegg will gain concessions from his Coalition partners, Ed Miliband’s speech will be a turning point for the Labour leader and the economy will grow and potentially boost David Cameron’s standing in the polls will all become clearer in the coming months.