Image by Alastair Sopp


Develop and implement communications strategy and plan to support an organisation-wide office move, and the adoption of a new IT system (hardware and software).


We provided sounds advice and counsel to the Director of Public Affairs and the Head of Internal Communications with regards to best practice communications considerations during change, including risks and issues, messaging, tone of voice and channels.  

In collaboration with the Programme Manager we developed a communication strategy and supporting plan, and provided regular input to the Change Team on the potential implications of their decisions and actions. 

We were responsible for the delivery of all communications material during these major changes ranging from leadership communications to technical ‘How To’ guides.  We regularly advised the Change Team on the importance of openness, simplicity and timeliness. 


We took a consultative and collaborative approach to developing the communications strategy and plan.  Ideas generated this way are grounded in reality and buy-in is high.  

Working onsite regularly we immersed ourselves in PPF culture, drawing insights from cultural cues and conversations with employees.  We were able to feed these insights into our idea generation ensuring that all communications be they messages, tone or channels are culturally appropriate.


A well informed workforce who made the transition from old to new building and from old to new IT systems with minimum disruption.  The change programmes had a number of issues, which sounds communications advice and delivery helped to resolved. 

Employees fed back that communications were clear and timely. 

Lansons has since been invited to work with the Head of Internal Communications on planning and ‘business as usual’ communications support.