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Isle of Man Government

For the last nine years Lansons has been working closely with the Isle of Man Government, both with the Cabinet Office and the Department of Economic Development, acting as the Government’s public affairs and public relations adviser. Lansons provides strategic counsel, insight and monitoring, political and media positioning and engagement across UK and other geographies as required. Given the EU blacklisting programme, Brussels has also, of late, been a significant focus.

A key focus area for Lansons’ work over the few last years has been to protect the Isle of Man’s reputation against an increasingly hostile international agenda on global tax transparency, Lansons worked closely with Government to assist in establishing new and strengthening existing relationships with senior policymakers in the UK across Number 10, HM Treasury, the Business Department and Parliament. These relationships were developed through a range of engagement mechanisms, including targeted Westminster engagement programmes, attendance at the autumn party conferences and hosting opinion formers’ dinners with key policymakers and industry representatives. This engagement has been important in helping to ensure that senior UK stakeholders have a developed understanding of the Isle of Man, and it was particularly important throughout the G8 Summit in Lough Erne and the subsequent Open Government Partnership, both in 2013, and more recently in the wake of the Panama Papers and the run up to the Anti-Corruption Summit earlier this year. Tax transparency and beneficial ownership were important issues during these events, and the Island consequently led the international tax landscape by being the first British offshore jurisdiction to sign enhanced tax information exchange agreements with the UK and commit to centralising beneficial ownership data. Following both, Lansons worked with the Isle of Man Government to ensure that the Isle of Man achieved positive recognition from David Cameron, the then Prime Minister, and David Gauke, the then Financial Secretary, about the strong international leadership that the Isle of Man had shown.

Lansons worked closely with the Isle of Man Government on several high profile proactive and reactive media initiatives. During the Panama Papers leak, Lansons worked with the in house communications team to advise on key messages and strategic media relations to ensure that reporting of the Isle of Man, its tax regulations and practices are correct and accurately reflected. During the May 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit in London, Lansons arranged several high profile media interviews for Chief Minister Allan Bell, allowing him to outline the Island’s proactive and open approach to tackling tax avoidance timed for the release of the UK Government’s Communique on international cooperation being released. Interviews arranged included: Sky News, BBC, FT, Guardian and Times amongst others.